The Unbreakables: Life and Love on Disability Campus

3 x 60 (Minniow Films / BBC 3)

Studying, partying and dating - the everyday antics of students living away from home for the very first time. At the National Star College in Gloucestershire, the thrills and spills of college life are little different, except that all the students have complex disabilities. Broadcast Awards Best Multichannel Programme.


Hair Wars

1 x 60 (Blast! Films / BBC 2)

Every two years the biggest and most prestigious of all hairdressing competitions attracts the best competitive cutters from 49 countries for a showdown in a frenzy of hairspray and scissors.

A near perfect documentary… this film moved you from laughter through anger to tears”
The Times


Paras: men of war

3 x 60 (Avanti Media / ITV)

Landmark ITV documentary series features unprecedented and unfiltered access to the elite Parachute Regiment, after its doors were opened to a UK network broadcaster’s cameras for the first time in a generation.


canny cops

3 x 35 (Minnow Films / BBC 3)

Three-part documentary series following Durham police in the former mining towns on the north-east coast where crime and drug use is high and cops and criminals are on first name terms.


McQueen and i

1 x 70 (Blast Films / More 4)

Feature length film telling the story of Alexander McQueen, examining his key relationships with fashionistas such as Isabella Blow – inspired stylist, great British eccentric and muse. Theirs was a relationship of two outsiders, attracted by each other’s exuberance, wild imaginations and raucous laughter. The film seeks to understand McQueen’s genius and the critical relationships of his extraordinary career.


the hedgehog's dilemma

1 x 12 (DOK MOBILE)

A middle-aged father is training his daughter to become a champion diver until, on the day of an important competition, an unexpected event changes their relationship forever. Official Selection Palm Springs Shortfest 2019.


Grandad, Dementia and Me

1 x 60 (Minnow Films / BBC One)

In 2014, 79-year-old Tom Sivyer was diagnosed with Dementia. Shortly afterwards, his grandson Dominic began filming on this moving, intimate and warm documentary that follows Tom and his family through a period that would turn family life upside down.


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